Culloden Moor

The History

The history surrounding the battle is well documented and for this reason we do not feel obliged to write our own description of events when there are so many other great sites that have already done this. Instead we have gathered links to the sites that we have found of great use when learning all about the many hundreds of years of history that culminated in the battle and the hundreds of years of history that have made the Highlands and indeed Scotland the nation it is today.

We will add to this as and when we find anything that interests us and that we think might interest you. We are constantly updating and changing so please keep checking. If you want to know something and think we can help please contact us HERE and we will try to help.


Today Culloden battlefield is under the care of the National Trust for Scotland. In         recent years they have built a new award winning visitor centre that is an excellent resource and well worth a visit if you are ever in the area. It has some great artifacts, has many interactive displays and a cinema that you can visit and feel part of the battle itself. It also has a pretty good restaraunt. It is the first place to visit to be a part of it all and to experience it for yourself first hand. HERE is the place to start.

For an insight into the battle and some more on the subject have a look at the BBC site HERE.

If you want to know all about the battle and how it played out then follow this link HERE. This will take you to British battles site and will tell you all about the Battle of Culloden. Well worth a look to get an understanding of how the battle went. It gives a good account of the battle, explains where the armies were position, their size and so on. Probably the best resource we have found in our opinion.


here for a very comprehensive look at all that surrounds the batlle and the history of it. We consider this to be one of the best resources to give you a full understanding of all the events, prior to, during and after the battle. This site remains to be one of the best places to learn all about the battle that took place on April the 16th 1746 and saw the ultimate end to the efforts of the House of Stuart to regain the throne. One of our favourites.

Clan Cameron is also a great place to have a look and you can do that here. The clan Cameron played a big part around the time of the battle and the Clan seat today is but a short distance from Drummossie Moor itself. Invernesians can today wear the Cameron tartan kilt whether they are part of the clan itself or not. The chief of Clan Cameron was one of those along with Lord George Murray who was strongly opposed to fighting the battle on the moor.